Priorities…A Hairy Business When it Comes to Life & Death

I don’t have it in for bald men, I’d like to be clear about that. A Jean-Luc Picard hairline neither appeals nor grates on me. And God love them – they don’t realise they’re part of the bigger problem. Though when Bill Gates feels inclined to chip in on a subject, you kind of know there’s an issue a foot. Or in this case, a head. From a pauper to a prince, we’d all agree that 1.3 billion quid is a stonking amount of money.

What’s unbelievable is the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has confirmed that that very sum, give or take a split end, is being spent on hair loss procedures each year. With that kind of money being brushed around hair clinic waiting rooms, it totals to more than double being spent in search of the follicled path than is given in funding to help fight malaria. Somehow the figures just don’t add up, morally.

Malaria Vaccine 1

Our priorities are tilted by marketplace imperatives. – Bill Gates, speaking at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Global Grand Challenges Summit.

Bobby C Pic 1

Now I get it that a guy in his mid-20’s with a Bobby Charlton comb over is bound to have something of a complex. But he getting his barnet thickened up doesn’t quite match the need to save hundreds of thousands of people killed from the malarial disease. African children made up the majority of those 600,000 lost lives in 2010. So how about a twist on an existing marketing angle…Bald Today, Bald Tomorrow, Who cares? Frizz, Tugs, Greasy Tresses? Not you baldy! Or a man size malaria charity box atop every hair clinic reception desk, just to jolt perspective?

A new hair transplant is great for the ego, be you male or female, but did it ever save a life? It’s enough to make your crew cut stand on end just thinking about the imbalance, and not just the porosity kind. Look back at what research did to help fight polio. A vaccine found in the 1950’s wiped out the disease in the developed world. Let’s hope the one for malaria soon follows, and that’s the bald truth.


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