The Big Knitathon raises funds for Big Issue UK vendors throughout November

The Big Knitathon is back throughout the month of November, calling on knitters to join forces to support UK Big Issue vendors. The Big Issue Foundation‘s annual event – now in its fifth year – invites new and seasoned knitters to pick up their needles and join the fun to raise money through sponsorship and sales... Continue Reading →

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Big buzz for London festival of homeless artists’ work

The One Festival of Homeless Arts brings together talented artists who have experienced homelessness, showcasing their creative work in Central London. Friend of INSP and previous judge of our annual INSP Awards, Dave Tovey is the spearhead behind the festival of art, film and animation, which runs until the end of September. Based at the... Continue Reading →

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Tackling India’s Culture of Sexual Harassment and Violence: An interview with Safecity Founder ElsaMarie D’Silva

Covering the themes of  Tech for Good + Gender-Based Violence, for Tech for Good TV, I chatted with ElsaMarie D’Silva, the founder and managing director of Safecity, a non-profit organisation providing an online platform and grassroot workshops for people to share their personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces in India WITH over... Continue Reading →

A Life Less Ordinary: The remarkable story of Roza Salih and her family’s fight for justice

From a war-torn Kurdish homeland to knocking on the doors of Scottish political power, Roza Salih has lived a life of standing up for one good ‘fight’ after another FROM her 22nd floor bedroom window, 12-year-old Roza Salih had one of the best views in Glasgow. Peering out of a high-rise flat in Knightswood, the city’s glistening grey panorama may... Continue Reading →

A Life in Lace

With 32 years of experience working among Ayrshire lace and looms, what design director Margo Graham doesn’t know about a good shuttle and a half drop repeat would fit on the width of a postage stamp. Fact. Cooried in where the thrum of a bygone industry once drifted across the Irvine Valley you’ll find MYB... Continue Reading →

Getting Shirty: 13 iconic football tops and why I love them

What defines a classic football shirt? Is it the Sir Stanley Matthews two-button-loose-high-collar stylee as worn in the famous Blackpool 1953 FA Cup victory? Or the silky Brazilian crew neck stretched across the chests of Sócrates, Falcão and Co at the 1982 World Cup? Surely not the 1991 Arsenal 'sickly' away jersey that strangely through time is starting to hold its own legendary properties?... Continue Reading →

Fisherman’s Blues: The Waterboys return to Glasgow for 25th anniversary show

  By 9pm the Concert Hall auditorium was nicely warmed, courtesy of a self-proclaimed 'Hairy One.' Edinburgh singer-songwriter, Freddie Stevenson, who cut a fine, yet quirky figure of a soulfully dulcet Yorkshire Ripper, made good with an audience who'd stepped in from their dark Decemberness to bear witness to the evening's main event; a performance by The Waterboys of... Continue Reading →

The Rushes on Irvine Beach ’95

The rushes. By 5 o’clock a melting film of amphetamine has settled via the base of my spine into the back of my skull. I slink against the fence perimeter watching the ticketless as they down more Frosty - every drop an affirmation they’ll stay beachside until post-encore and the drunk and ragged filter out. I... Continue Reading →

Stonewalling Equality

Clubs opt out of campaign to tackle the homophobia which continues to blight British football Once there was a gay rights charity, an Irish bookie of ‘reputation,’ and a national cast of footballers…or so the joke may kick off in folklore down the pub someday. Which risks the question, from Elgin to Exeter, did British... Continue Reading →

Sad Death of a High Street Salesman

Woolworths, Comet, Jessops, HMV (almost) and now Blockbuster, WTF eh? To be fair, am surprised the Blockbuster chain lasted as long as it did. That 1990’s shop front design was dated in the Eighties, and did you ever visit a branch where the Slurpee machine wasn’t out of order? The administrators over the door of... Continue Reading →

All Things Bright and Gingerful

What a red hot start to the year it’s been for us Gingers. Gingerama, Gingermania, Gingivitis...okay scratch that last one with baited (bad) breath, but 2013 is definitely looking rosy for the redhead. Despite all the ridicule and ginger pube gags, those damn flame-haireds are set to soar high in the next 12 months. Bringing... Continue Reading →

In Le Dreich of the Night

There’s this memory of a 1960’s Audrey Hepburn flick running through my mind as I walk down the smirr-soaked streets of the Marais the Saturday night before New Year’s. It’s not My Fair Lady, nor Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as the latter I recall is definitely more Big Apple than La Grosse Pomme. In the beautiful City... Continue Reading →

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