Deutschland 83: Channel 4’s Sunday Night Politico-Culture Lesson

A German-based, Sunday night spy thriller accompanied with subtitles doesn’t seem like the most alluring pitch to the average telly watcher. However Channel 4 has got it spot on with its broadcasting of Deutschland 83 as a welcoming start to 2016. Delving into the heat of 1980s Cold War tensions, the plot follows spirited 24-year-old... Continue Reading →


Me and my Adidas: the Cult, the Cool and the Originals

They say smell is the strongest sense which evokes emotion. You can’t argue with that. The smell of new trainers takes me back to a youth that was trainer smell filled. They should bottle that, for nostalgic saps like me. Though somehow now the aromatic of an Adidas trainer box doesn’t hold that same strong,... Continue Reading →

Getting Shirty: 13 iconic football tops and why I love them

What defines a classic football shirt? Is it the Sir Stanley Matthews two-button-loose-high-collar stylee as worn in the famous Blackpool 1953 FA Cup victory? Or the silky Brazilian crew neck stretched across the chests of Sócrates, Falcão and Co at the 1982 World Cup? Surely not the 1991 Arsenal 'sickly' away jersey that strangely through time is starting to hold its own legendary properties?... Continue Reading →

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