Getting Shirty: 13 iconic football tops and why I love them

What defines a classic football shirt? Is it the Sir Stanley Matthews two-button-loose-high-collar stylee as worn in the famous Blackpool 1953 FA Cup victory? Or the silky Brazilian crew neck stretched across the chests of Sócrates, Falcão and Co at the 1982 World Cup? Surely not the 1991 Arsenal 'sickly' away jersey that strangely through time is starting to hold its own legendary properties?... Continue Reading →


So the 1990s Lacked Je Nais Se Quoi?: 10 goalie shirts that both confirm and deny

Football goalies are the ultimate quirky breed...that's a fact known for as long as footie time immemorial itself. On fields of green they get up to tricks your average, common or garden left-back would never risk in their dreams. Those flamboyant foibles bring out all the ooohs and aaahs of the day, as well as a few squeaky bum... Continue Reading →

Stonewalling Equality

Clubs opt out of campaign to tackle the homophobia which continues to blight British football Once there was a gay rights charity, an Irish bookie of ‘reputation,’ and a national cast of footballers…or so the joke may kick off in folklore down the pub someday. Which risks the question, from Elgin to Exeter, did British... Continue Reading →

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