Deutschland 83: Channel 4’s Sunday Night Politico-Culture Lesson

A German-based, Sunday night spy thriller accompanied with subtitles doesn’t seem like the most alluring pitch to the average telly watcher. However Channel 4 has got it spot on with its broadcasting of Deutschland 83 as a welcoming start to 2016. Delving into the heat of 1980s Cold War tensions, the plot follows spirited 24-year-old... Continue Reading →


A Funny Thing is Happening on the Way to the Referendum

26th January 2014  A nation's a nation for a'that  Smug is as smug does. Though we'll get to John Barrowman later. In the meantime, the First Minister - top beneficiary of the smug jibe - was spotted early in the week with a cheeser like he'd got a coat hanger stuck in his toot. The... Continue Reading →

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