The Conclave, the Election and the White Smoke… Ooh What a Carry On!

As I write this, pictures are being broadcast around the world of the new Pope’s first appearance on his velvet verandah giving it the Bona Sera. If you’d just switched on, you might’ve thought you were watching a fancy dress episode of Bullseye such is Frankie boy’s resemblance to the veritable Jim Bowen. I was... Continue Reading →


An Inclusive New Democratic Pope Scope? It’d Be a Sin Not To. . .

So the Pope has only gone and given tinkle to heaven’s hotline to call in sick – permanently. With the start of Lent, here’s me quitting celibacy (again), while Big Joe gives up the Vatican, for good. It’s true, old age doesn’t come itself. But fair play, 15 years from a diplomatic birthday card from... Continue Reading →

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