Raise Your Voices: Sharing the Journey Tales of Glaswegians Born Outside of the UK

Giving voice to perhaps the city’s least heard demographic, Settled in Glasgow - an Oral History Archive, SIGOHA, is an online archive sharing stories of people who’ve settled close to the River Clyde. With recorded interviews from the experiences of over 23 Glaswegians born outside the UK, the stories reveal humorous, honest and often poignant... Continue Reading →


A Life in Lace

With 32 years of experience working among Ayrshire lace and looms, what design director Margo Graham doesn’t know about a good shuttle and a half drop repeat would fit on the width of a postage stamp. Fact. Cooried in where the thrum of a bygone industry once drifted across the Irvine Valley you’ll find MYB... Continue Reading →

The Rushes on Irvine Beach ’95

The rushes. By 5 o’clock a melting film of amphetamine has settled via the base of my spine into the back of my skull. I slink against the fence perimeter watching the ticketless as they down more Frosty - every drop an affirmation they’ll stay beachside until post-encore and the drunk and ragged filter out. I... Continue Reading →

Sad Death of a High Street Salesman

Woolworths, Comet, Jessops, HMV (almost) and now Blockbuster, WTF eh? To be fair, am surprised the Blockbuster chain lasted as long as it did. That 1990’s shop front design was dated in the Eighties, and did you ever visit a branch where the Slurpee machine wasn’t out of order? The administrators over the door of... Continue Reading →

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