Tackling India’s Culture of Sexual Harassment and Violence: An interview with Safecity Founder ElsaMarie D’Silva

Covering the themes of  Tech for Good + Gender-Based Violence, for Tech for Good TV, I chatted with ElsaMarie D’Silva, the founder and managing director of Safecity, a non-profit organisation providing an online platform and grassroot workshops for people to share their personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces in India WITH over... Continue Reading →


A Life in Lace

With 32 years of experience working among Ayrshire lace and looms, what design director Margo Graham doesn’t know about a good shuttle and a half drop repeat would fit on the width of a postage stamp. Fact. Cooried in where the thrum of a bygone industry once drifted across the Irvine Valley you’ll find MYB... Continue Reading →

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