Fisherman’s Blues: The Waterboys return to Glasgow for 25th anniversary show

  By 9pm the Concert Hall auditorium was nicely warmed, courtesy of a self-proclaimed 'Hairy One.' Edinburgh singer-songwriter, Freddie Stevenson, who cut a fine, yet quirky figure of a soulfully dulcet Yorkshire Ripper, made good with an audience who'd stepped in from their dark Decemberness to bear witness to the evening's main event; a performance by The Waterboys of... Continue Reading →


The Rushes on Irvine Beach ’95

The rushes. By 5 o’clock a melting film of amphetamine has settled via the base of my spine into the back of my skull. I slink against the fence perimeter watching the ticketless as they down more Frosty - every drop an affirmation they’ll stay beachside until post-encore and the drunk and ragged filter out. I... Continue Reading →

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